Introducing the Brand

The idea behind SIMMI'S CHOICE is based on my inspiration derived from my mother. In a household, a mother partakes in every matter pertaining to her family including their fashion choices. For the most part, she is the personal stylist of the family, ensuring both comfort and style for everyone, while keeping in mind the family finances.

Started in October 2020, SIMMI'S CHOICE is a small business based out of my home in Ludhiana, Punjab which is still the headquarters of the brand. This brand or more so this platform is based on the goal of serving a customer base of beautiful & unique woman who is not willing to go through the haystack to find the right fit.

We at SIMMI'S CHOICE carefully curate & present pieces that are unique & have a mother's approval, that is, stylish while being easy on the pocket. Each and every piece curated by us ensures versatility and top-notch quality to give you a luxury experience LIKE NEVER BEFORE. 


Sukhmani Chandok

Founder & Creative Director



A lawyer by profession, our founder has overtime become a fashion & skin conscious individual carrying a unique sense of style most of which has developed over the years, influenced majorly by her mother. She strongly believes in the concept of becoming comfortable in your own skin. Today as fashion & style holds no boundaries across the globe, rather than blindly copying others, it is important to understand who you are through your unique taste in fashion and ultimately building your own unique personality that speaks of you.