For the longest time Pearls have been a mark of luxury and sophistication, something that only the upper-class or the noble could afford. Even though today pearls are quite easily available making them an affordable fashion, their overall look still remains regal.

The best part is that not just in jewellery but now pearls have made it big even as a hair accessory. Not only are pearl headbands convenient but also a great way to instantly glam up your look. It’s a great time-saving beauty hack. Having a Bad hair day or need to look a tad bit dressed for an event; fetch that beautiful hairband studded with gorgeous pearls you are good to go.

There are many trends and hairstyles out there for different accessories but pearl headbands are the easiest to style. With today’s street style and trending fashion picks, becoming more and more eye-catching pearls adorned headbands are a big hit among different styles. So what makes them great you ask?

Versatility is one. Pearls go with every hair colour be it black, blond, brown, red or even trending tones like pinks and blues. They also work out perfectly with almost any outfit from as simple as it gets to as glammed up as it possibly can be. From denim to dresses, traditional lehengas to ball gowns its multi-use makes it a style staple.

Even though the hairband in itself defeats the need to make any hairstyle, for those who want to go an extra mile, there are many hairstyles that you can adorn with a pearls hairband. Straight hair or wavy or even curls are all great options with a pearls hairband.

Apart from that, this accessory styled with a messy ponytail or bun will make the look more polished than shabby even as it looks effortless. Feeling lazy to wash that hair well wear a beautiful turban knot pearl studded headband and rock the day.

How you style is on you but how you look is sure to be killer and sassy.

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