After the long and unprecedented COVID break, things have started to finally open up. Markets are again becoming normal reviving the much needed festive spirit and people have finally broken the barrier of isolation to get out for work, catch up with friends and for most, plan that much-delayed summer trip.

Even though social distancing and wearing mask still continues, which is good given the situation, the movement of people however has improved a lot. For those planning a trip soon, it is important to understand that ‘A right packer is a bright packer’.

For a trip choosing and carrying the right accessories is important, especially when it comes to your hair. You do not want to go overboard with hair products, tools and accessories that will only end-up taking space in your bag without yielding any use. As someone who has carried long hair since forever, I have some pointers from my personal experience that may help you choose the right amount of hair essentials for your travel kit.


Hair tools like curlers etc. can easily transform a look but they come with extra baggage (bulky attachments and plug-in) which only adds extra weight to your luggage, which you will have to bear ultimately. If you are planning the trip to a hot and humid destination like a beach or desert, you can skip the tools altogether.

This is because the extreme moisture will not only make your hair frizzy but will also leave those curls out of place that you invested hours to get. Instead, let your hair breathe and rock the natural look. Moreover, most hotels provide dryers in their bathroom if you really need them, so that is a plus.


Stock up on colourful scrunchies in different patterns and sizes for your upcoming trip. Not only is this wonder accessory a great utility item to keep your locks in place (believe me, you will want to let go of style over comfort at some point), but it also serves as a fashion piece.

If you are planning to go all plain on the outfit, add a spec of character with a floral or patterned scrunchie. Scrunchies can be of great help in areas with high temperature and humidity like a desert or the beach.


When choosing accessories to go with your outfit, opt for something that is neither too bland nor over the top. For example, if your outfit has bold prints, stick to a solid coloured scrunchie or headband. But if on the other hand your outfit needs spicing up, add a pop of colour with a bold printed scrunchie.

While coordinating outfits or face masks with accessories is always a safe option but you can experiment with contrasting choices also.


Hairbands is one section that you want to make the right choice. For one do carry a soft and plush spa headband (the cute bunny ones are my favourite). It helps a lot for your indoor relaxation and keeps hair in place.

Now if you are planning a trip up north or in a cold destination you can carry a knitted headband. It works both as a band and keeps your head cosy. If you plan to attend a party or go to a casino, go all bling with a pearl or stone studded piece.

I personally prefer to carry at least 2 to 3 different varieties depending on the destination because you never know what you feel like wearing at the moment.


Again depending on the place, you are going, packing a hat or a barrette can be a great option. Oversized hats are a great way to add character to your summer or beachy look and also protect your face from sunburn or tanning.

Similarly, a barrette in a solid colour like maroon, navy blue or even a tan colour can be a great styling edition for a layered outfit and make your look more polished and chic.


As an Indian girl, I also like carrying a scarf or dupatta, just in case needed. Overall there is no limit to the hair accessories that you can carry with you or which you may feel are essential.

But you must control and choose only the essentials. After all how hard can it be to tone down? All that you need to do is segregate outfits according to the number of days or the itinerary and plan your accessories accordingly. Happy holidays!

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