Scarf scrunchies have been a fast-growing trend for quite some time. The comeback of the retro looks and the re-emergence of 80’s fashion has made this near-forgotten accessory a new trend. Florals, checks, lines or solids there is a wide variety of scarf scrunchies depending on individual preferences.

While I am a huge fan of all things chic and retro there are many who rather prefer a simple scrunchie due to the rigidity in the styling of a scarf scrunchie (according to them). This is where most go wrong because the versatility of this accessory is beyond comparison.

A simple scarf scrunchie can be used for a classy retro look, a funky bohemian look or even an old school glam look. Depending on how you style, it’s enough to spruce up any outfit instantly. And who says you can use hair accessories only for your hair? Read about the different ways in which you can style your scarf scrunchie.


You can use a scarf scrunchie to make a variety of hairstyles apart from the classic ponytail.

  • Scarf Braid: Similar to making a braid, divide your hair into two parts (unlike the usual three). Take the scarf out of your scrunchie and pin one of its ends above the nape of your neck. Now substituting the scarf as the third partition, make a braid just like usual. Tie the end of the braid with a hair tie. Voila! Your scarf braid is good to go.

  • Half up Half down Look: Elevate this easy-going summer look by adding your favourite scarf and get a colourful twist. Place your fingers above your temples and begin tracing backwards to gather the top section of your hair. Secure the top section with a hair-elastic to separate them from the bottom section. Pull out some hair from the top section to get a bouncy and voluminous look.

  • Now take the scarf and tuck a corner underneath your hair-elastic. Hold the scarf in one hand, and the ponytail in other, and start twisting the scarf around the hair to create a rope braid. As you reach the end of the braid, start twisting the section in a clockwise direction and form a bun. Now secure the bun using bobby pins or simply tie black hair-elastic.

  • The Classic Ponytail: It is something we all know about and something you can’t go wrong with. Simply tie your hair using a scarf scrunchie to and carefully pull out at the ends of your hair to get a voluminous look perfect for a date night or even an office brunch.

  • Scarf Hairband: The scarf can also be used to tie like a hairband around your head. For this look fold the scarf into a thin band and wear it around your head. To tie it in place using one or two bobby pins or tick tacks and tie them at the back (under your hair).


You can also use the scarf from your scrunchie as a half belt or a tie-up on the side of your favourite denim. Simply take the scarf and run it through one or two loops on either side of your jeans and then tie a knot.


For a Sunday brunch, you could glamourize your favourite handbag by adding the scarf from your scrunchie. While the scrunchie will be a great addition for a loose ponytail look with side bangs gently shaping your face add the scarf to your handbag and rock the effortless look.



There are many other ways you can think of to style a scarf scrunchie. The best part about this hair accessory is that you can customize its wear according to your mood and preference of even the look. Whether used as it is or use either of the scarf or the scrunchie. And the best part you could always lend one of the two to your friend in need ;)

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