As long as I can remember, my father has always struggled with extremely dry hands because of which he would frequently rummage through my mother’s medicine cabinet shouting, “Hathan te laan wali cream haigi hai?” (Is there any cream to apply on hands?). This typical morning ritual made me realise the importance of a moisturising our hands.

Hands are indisputably one of the most used and exposed parts of the body, sometimes being washed several times a day, stripping them of their essential moisture. Even though Bunty’s age-old “dhote jao, dhote jao” was reduced to 10 seconds by Lifebuoy, washing hands and other exposing factors can affect your hand's texture making them one of the first places to show signs of ageing. So, should we stop washing our hands? - Obviously No! But this is where hand creams come into the picture.



Well-groomed hands are the representation of a clean and neat person something that counts for both men and women equally. Yes, that’s right. Even men should have nice and well-kept hands, maybe not as soft as a girl’s enough to look presentable and hand-creams play an important role in this.

Especially today as we live in trying times where maintaining hygiene is a matter of life and death, washing hands has gained indisputable importance due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This frequent washing coupled with the use of sanitizers has made hands more susceptible to dryness, flaking and roughness making it even more important to invest in good hand cream.


When I first introduced the concept of hand creams to my mother she mocked at the idea claiming it to be the new invention of capitalists for making money. Why buy a different cream for your hands when you could simply apply a face or body cream instead. Something that probably many others would agree to.

Creams that are made for your face, hands or even body are blended keeping in mind the varied needs of each of these body parts. This is because; unlike the facial skin, the skin on your hands (especially the palm region) is much thick and therefore needs much deeper moisture. Using a face cream or lotion on hands is nearly ineffective as their composition lacks the richness and density needed (which can otherwise clog your face pores or make it look shiny, not dewy) for your hands.


Whether you choose a hand cream or hand lotion is completely your preference depending on how your skin is. In case of extremely dry and chapped hands, creams are better because they have a heavier consistency owing to more oil content and are extremely moisturising.

Lotions, on the other hand, contain more fluid (having low viscosity) making them suitable for normal or oily skin types as a small amount spread over a larger surface area.

Because the usage of hands is the most rapid (per minute) it is important that the cream or lotion you apply seeps into the skin while not making them feel oily. Creams infused with natural nut oils like Shea butter or Jojoba or Vitamins like A or E are less oily and easily soak into your skin while making them feel soft. Honey, dairy products and coconut oil are some other excellent ingredients to look for in hand creams.

Apart from that prefer buying hand creams that have a good SPF (sun protection) because exposure to the sun can also lead to substantial skin damage subsequently leading to ageing. Even though the presence of a fruity or floral fragrance can have a calming effect but artificial fragrances added to creams should be avoided altogether because they can cause skin irritation or itching.

Looking for an appropriate cream from a plethora of brands available in the market can be confusing and tedious. Various affordable options are available like the INNISFREE Jeju Life Hand Cream which has thick formulations that are extremely moisturising and soothing for the hands. Even though it contains fragrance, it is mild and not overpowering that makes it a great choice.

Another great option is the TONYMOLY Magic Food Mango Hand Butter which is a lightweight formula that is non-sticky and perfect for the summer season. It is also rich in Vitamin E that helps combat skin ageing and promotes skin damage repair.


Apart from the face, our hands are one of those body parts that are not covered. As a result, it is important that our hands look and feel as appealing as our face. You obviously wouldn’t want to pair a youthful and fresh face with dry, dull and dreary hands.

The simple ritual of carrying around a small tube of hand cream and applying it frequently can make a whole lot of difference in your hand care. Remember, your hands do a lot for you and bear too much so it is only fair that you take good care of them in return.

DISCLAIMER: The writer of this blog is neither a dermatologist nor a certified esthetician and does not claim to contradict or counter any individual(s) who specialise in the field of cosmetics and skincare. The writer is merely a skincare enthusiast who wishes to share information based on personal experiences and extensive research which may or may not be scientifically proven.

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