Being Shoe Smart- A guide

Remember those brown leather sandals (our BATA favorites) that were a constant companion during our childhood and the trusty choice of most Indian mothers. One could conquer the world in those robust sandals which were never discarded but only passed on to younger siblings on being outgrowing.

With time however the choices become less mom oriented and more related to what you like or what was/ is trendy. Personally my experience with this whole concept of buying footwear channeled in me the need to understand the process of shoe shopping.

The basic tendency that most Indians or in general people around the world have regarding shopping is that of a recreational activity or a jolly time pass… not that it’s a complete lie. However what most of us fail to understand is that inadvertently shoes are equally important in defining our personality.

As the daughter of an Indian mother I have developed a tendency to not just buy stuff for the sake of it but rather carefully invest my time and money in a product that is both visually appealing and practical. When shopping, I prefer a constant companion over a one-time wonder.


While shoe shopping one must not solely rely on the choice of color or the preference of style. Sometimes even the most stylish pair that to on a fairly expensive side yields a disappointing result, something I learned the hard way. I remember that during a shopping expedition, I came across a pair of stilettos from a widely popular brand (obviously expensive), that perfectly gave my personality that extra oomph. Not to forget that those gorgeous beauties also fell within my exaggerated budget… a birthday bonus. I decided to wear them to college the next day… a decision I regretted immediately. Mind you, I used to commute by the college bus (it took nearly an hour to reach my college) and as a law student juggled between lectures for nearly 6 hours.

Even today I am dreaded by the horror of those nude beauties because every time I wear them (though not for such long hours) I remember the hellish felling at the end of that fateful college day. This whole experience taught me an important lesson… COMFORT COMES FIRST. You are the one that spends the money and you are the one who will wear them then why must you have to sacrifice style or comfort.


When it comes to footwear, I always keep the worst case scenario in mind… though sometimes I do like indulging into some statement pieces. This way I make sure to get a good wear out of the majority of my pieces. Also I never regret spending a bomb on a pair because I know they won’t be just lying around like a piece of decor.

I believe that when buying shoes, prefer relatable brands or at least check them first. This is because our feet tend to become more comfortable towards pairs that are manufactured a certain way even if the overall style differs. Even while surveying around new brands keep some tips and tricks in mind to buy the perfect pair. Understand that buying the right pair can be tricky… but hey it’s your feet and only you can ensure their health.

Some important things to keep in mind are:

  • Be clear of the style (if you must buy heels, switch to block heels or wedges as they provide a wide support area)

  • In case of heels always check the strength of the heel… you definitely don’t want to be wobbling around.

  • Don’t stick to the size chart… you may be someone who likes their shoes a little more tight or loss.

  • Examine the sole of the shoes to see if it is thick enough to provide protection from sharp objects. (Especially in case of flats or the Punjabi Jutti)

  • If possible go for a padded lining… you are not old but your feet will definitely love the extra comfort.

  • Prefer carrying a pair of socks while shopping, especially the type that you will wear under your shoes or sneakers.

Remember, shoes are that important accessory that can make an outfit look a million bucks!!

"You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet."

Christian Dior

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